Thursday, December 28, 2006


I made these little Nativities for a few people this year. They are really easy to make and I think they're really cute. I'm sure you could figure out how to make one from the picture, they are basically just mini clay pots and wooden heads. The babies are little game piece shaped pieces of wood. So you just paint them and find some cute fabric for their clothes, and I used that natural moss stuff for the hair, and voila- instant, inexpensive Christmas gift/decoration!
So as always we had lots of fun and food, and now don't have enough room in our house for all the new stuff! I think I slept for a couple of days straight after Christmas to recover. I finished a denim quilt I made for my brother Christmas eve pretty late at night. It turned out nice, it was just patchwork squares, with lots of pockets. I tied it instead of machine quilting it to save time and it looked pretty good. Our sibling gift exchange theme this year was "inexpensive and homemade." This project definitely fit that category as I got a great deal with my Joann coupon for backing fabric, and for the batting, and all the jean material was recycled. Unfortunately I forgot to get a picture of it before my bro left for NY, so I guess you'll have to imagine it in your mind!
So, I never even started my Christmas quilt I wanted to do, but I think I'll still start it now for next year! I decided that I'd like to try getting it quilted by someone with a long arm machine instead of just stitching in the ditch myself, so that will be my plan for sometime next year. I have a friend who has been practicing stippling and machine quilting designs herself but I really don't know if I am brave or artistic enough to try that.
Hope you all had a great Christmas too!


ellen said...

Can I buy an angel for my nativity?!? :)

itybtyfrog said...

My mom made those little nativity scenes for all of us one year. They are very cute!