Friday, December 08, 2006

Heart Quilt

This is the quilt I made for my sister-in-law's wedding. Her colors were pink and chocolate brown so that's what I used for the quilt, and I love the combination!
I collected fabrics for several months before the wedding. I started the quilt about 3 weeks before leaving for Phoenix, so I had to rush a bit. I was up until 2 AM more than one night getting this project done!
This quilt is a Buggy Barn pattern called "Heather." I thought the heart design was perfect for a wedding. I love Buggy Barn patterns because of their "crazy" method of cutting and piecing. It's really fast because you stack the fat quarters, then iron freezer paper traced with the pattern right onto the top fat quarter and slice right through the pattern to cut out your blocks. Then you shuffle some of the pieces to get the variation in the blocks. It's a real time saver! If you like to quilt and haven't made a BB design, you should try one! They have a great website with all of their patterns and books on it. My next quilting project is a BB star quilt out of Moda's Mistletoe Manor Christmas fabric which I LOVE! In my book, you just can't get any better than pink Christmas fabric! At this point it may not be finished until next Christmas though.
This is also the first quilt that I signed. I've seen people write on quilts with permanent marker, which I just don't think I could bear to do after all of that work!
So, to sign this quilt, I embroidered a little dedication with their names and the wedding date and my name on it in one of the bottom back corners of the quilt. I just drew on the quilt before it was bound and backstitched the words. This probably isn't the technical way, I'm sure there is some sort of washable marker or chalk I should have used but I think I've explained how I like to kind of just make due with whatever's lying around, especially late at night!
I've read several articles and watched episodes of Simply Quilts about how you should always sign your work for historical reasons so future generations will know who made the quilt. I agree because I have a couple of old quilts that aren't signed and we're not sure who made them, and it also does make it more personal and special.
Happy Quilting!


ellen said...

did the happy couple love it? it's beautiful!!!

itybtyfrog said...

What a beautiful quilt. That would be adorable for a valentine's day throw.....hhhmmm dreaming up a project!

Nettie said...

That is darling! I agree on the importance of "signing" your work. I, too, have a quilt I wish I knew the maker of.