Friday, December 08, 2006


Here are some of the lovely ladies who came to help make bows. The Wreathmaking Party was great! I had such a fun time. We had a really great turnout, and the program was really nice. I especially liked the Japanese song where a bunch of little girls from church dressed up in kimonos and sang with some Japanese ladies in our ward. The food was really great too. My friend who was in charge of it made some really yummy tortilla wraps, and crab dip, and some awesome mini cheesecakes with blackberries, and a LOT of other really good food. Plus, we had a chocolate fountain which was yummy even though it malfunctioned slightly! Here is my wreath from the party. I was so busy in the kitchen all night that I asked my sister to make my wreath for me, and she did a great job. Maybe I'll just have her make mine every year! I was still kind of jet lagged as I didn't get in from Phx until 1 AM the night before, and was at the party cleaning up until midnight or so. The next day I crashed at about 6pm. It all finally caught up with me!
To me, there's nothing like the smell of fresh pine at Christmastime!

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