Wednesday, November 01, 2006

A Spooktacular Halloween!

We had such a fun day yesterday. It started with "Woody's" Joyschool party. The elementary age boys had parties at school too. We came home and carved our pumpkins, and had "spooky spaghetti" for dinner. I got the idea for this bell pepper Jack- o'lantern from Taste of Home magazine and the boys thought it was pretty cool! Then we were off for neighborhood trick or treating with our neice, the adorable lady bug. Of course, we could barely keep up with our sugar-crazed kids! The little guy was a little spooked at the scary glowing decorations in our neighborhood. Some of the houses went all out with spooky music and everything but he overcame the fear in the quest for candy!
Then it was off to the church for, you guessed it- more candy! We did trunk or treating, which is great because you get even more candy even faster! We topped it all off with cider and donuts. Just what we needed- more sugar!
I was especially impressed with my oldest son's costume, he came up with the missionary idea all by himself. My other favorite creative costume was a one year old at church who had a mini shopping cart, and a cardboard sign that said, "Will work for Candy." I thought that was pretty clever.
We stopped at my sister's and another friend's, and then it was finally time to get home and get the kids in bed by 10 pm! Luckily they had no school today.
I heard them up this morning by about 5:30 am going through and trading their candy in their room, and eating it for breakfast. Unfortunately, I also have eaten my fair share of treats. So much for losing 5 lbs before the wedding we are going to in a couple of weeks!
Hope you all had a spooktacular time as well, and are recovering from your sugar rush! I'm not sure if my waistline is going to.


Nettie said...

What darling costumes and pumpkins! My daughter was a sister missionary one year. We realized later she could have handed out pass along cards when she trick or treated. Woops!

Dantie said...


I love your blog!!! Looks like you had a "spooktacular" Halloween. I'm loving life as a Grandma--it's the best. Photos are coming with the newsletter.