Saturday, October 14, 2006

Fall Fun

On Columbus Day last week we went to a nearby farm to pick out some pumpkins. The boys had lots of fun climbing around on all the huge piles of pumpkins and the big rusty old tractor. There was a sheep and some goats to feed and some bunnies to see. After that we went for a walk in the woods around Walden Pond, our favorite summer swimming spot. It was so warm that day there were actually a whole bunch of beachgoers there to swim. We saw the site where "Henry David Throw" (as the little guy pronounces it) went to live simply. After that we went home to make caramel apples. They were selling them at the farm, but we prefer to be thrifty and make our own! The weather here in New England has been gorgeous and we are really enjoying our autumn here.

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ellen said...

Yeah! Lambie-pie is alive and well and enjoying a beautiful New England Fall!