Sunday, October 29, 2006

The Creepy Guy

There is a farm near our house that puts on a haunted hayride every year. They decorate their field with all kinds of spooky stuff and there is a "Creepy Guy" in a mask that really freaked out my little guy last year. Last week we went with my brother and his family and my little guy was all psyched up to not be scared. We'd talked all about how he's just a guy in a costume, he was really just funny, etc. He said that this time when he saw the creepy guy he would just laugh. So we get on the wagon that is being pulled by a tractor, and the creepy guy drives up in his corn husk covered car. My son scoots closer to me and kind of grips my arm and laughs this weak, nervous little laugh that wasn't very convincing. At the end of the ride The Creepy Guy came back and all the older kids ran screaming, and that was the end of his bravery! He ran away screaming and crying too and I don't know if we'll be able to get him to go back- ever! You have to admit, he is a little creepy looking!
Happy Almost Halloween

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