Thursday, September 07, 2006

First Day and a Fish

Today was the first day of school! Last night we had a special dinner with a "Happy Back to School" cake, and ice cream. M. said it was missing two letters- U & N. I guess he was feeling UNhappy about going back to school! Some snazzy new Red Sox notebooks and folders seemed to lift his spirits.
The little guy is doing Joyschool, and today was his first day too. He wanted me to stay with him on the first day, which frankly worked for me because I was getting a little panicky about sending him off without me! Hopefully we'll both survive his first "solo" Joyschool day next Tuesday.
Another first for today- my Dad caught a "keepah!" (that's a "keeper" for you non Bostonians!) This means that today he caught his first striped bass of the year that was over 28" long, the minimum length to legally take home a fish. Here is Dad showing the little guy how to filet a fish. As Dad was slicing it up, he asked, "Can fish cry?" I sure hope not! Overall a pretty exciting day. Don't you just love September?


paul said...
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Nettie said...

Thank you for visiting my blog! It helped me find yours!

Your boys are such cuties! And you sound like you have such fun times as a family. What a great idea to make a cake to celebrate the first day of school!

It sounds like we have many things it common. Including a love of the Cape and antiques. We live about 10 hours away from the cape, though. **frown**

And I love your name! It is the same as my daughters. We spell it with an "s", too. (And, yes, Itybtyfrog is my sister.)

I look forward to visiting you, again!

Nana said...

Wow! Where did the summer go? I can't believe a year has gone by. The boys are growing up--too fast- Love the blog! Sounds like you all had a great summer, hard to see it end. Thanks for sharing your pictures!


itybtyfrog said...

What handsome boys ready for school! What a great idea to have a cake and make a party out of it. That is SOME fish!