Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Last week the big boys and my husband had a grand adventure in Cooperstown, NY- home of the Baseball Hall of Fame. They are all pretty big fans, especially my husband and 10-year-old, so for them it was something of a pilgrimmage. I think they were pretty much in heaven- their idea of it anyway! They got to see lovely sights like bloody socks, stinky old lockers, and musty baseball cards of old dudes. For me this would not have been a thrill- that must be why I stayed home with the little guy! My 10-year-old has become a rabid baseball card collector over the summer so he added to his stash by about 100. He just read a novel about the famous Honus Wagner card, and got to see one of the few still existing cards in the Hall of Fame, so that was a pretty big moment for him. He is quite the fount of knowledge about baseball players and statistics and all that stuff, and even taught my little guy to memorize about 50 names of players that he can recite just by looking at their cards. Hearing him rattle off names like Ichiro Sazuki, Albert Poulhous, and Jose Contreras is quite amusing. My husband is a big Lou Gherig fan so seeing his memorabilia was exciting for him.
They camped out, went to baseball games in the nearby amateur stadium, ate burgers, and visited the endless supply of baseball-themed shops in Cooperstown, a real "guys" weekend. They all brought home souvenirs bats, caps, t-shirts and cards, so it was quite a success. They brought me home a delicious apple pie from the Amish bakesale that they have at the campground every Saturday. They said they drove up in their black horse-drawn buggy and everything. Now that I would like to have seen! Maybe I could have asked them for some quilting tips. A few days after they got home, they got to go to a Red Sox game- another huge thrill, and a first for my 10-year-old. Boys, baseball and apple pie- what could be better or more American than that?!

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