Monday, August 21, 2006

Tooth Bear

I made this bear from a project on the Martha Stewart website called
"Tooth Bear With Cindy." That website has tons of free patterns and project ideas. Anyway, this is a larger version of the tooth bear. I had my husband enlarge the pattern on the copier at work. It is supposed to be really small to fit under a pillow with a tooth in the little pocket. I made one like the original pattern out of pink felt with darker pink pocket that I gave to a friend's little girl, and it turned out really cute. They are handsewn with embroidery thread. I put the kids' names on them, but I think the pictures on the website had a little tooth embroidered on the pocket.
At our house, the Tooth Fairy has been at it so long, that she often forgets or is late with her exchange, can you imagine that?! We just don't know what we will do with our scatterbrained Tooth Fairy! She must be getting old. She has even been known to leave something in the morning after everyone is up. She's so sneaky we haven't caught her yet, even in the light of day! A couple of weeks ago she made up for her extreme lateness with a package of baseball cards, which is pretty fancy for this household! Usually it's just four quarters or a dollar bill. She may be late, but she always comes eventually!


I Love Purls said...

Hi, I just discovered your blog and I really like the tooth bear you made from the Martha Stewart site. I have searched and searched for this pattern on her webpage but I am having no luck. I have twin grandchildren and would love to make them one. Could you lead me to the correct page or send me the pattern. I would really appreciate it. Thank you - I love your blog. I am new at blogging but am getting better every day. Peggy Metz

Anonymous said...

I found it on a PDF at

Good luck!

Jennifer Meier