Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Last weekend my sister and I went to see the Dixie Chicks- Accidents and Accusations World Tour 2006. It was so great!I have been a big fan of the Chicks since I bought their album- Home- a few years ago. I love their bluegrassy/country rock style. The concert was a lot of fun and included rousing renditions of songs like Sin Wagon, Wide Open Spaces, White Trash Wedding, There's Your Trouble- lots of fun to sing along to. My sis and I aren't exactly big concert going types, and being in our-Ahem- earlyISH 30's we wondered, will we look/feel like big dork/fogies?! But we didn't at all! There were lots of, well, CHICKS there- of all ages! Lots of groups of young girls and women but definitely some older, middle aged and mom types too. We had a great evening and were very impressed with the trio's music in person. There's something about hearing a group live that is very different than a cd. Some sound just as good or even better, some a lot worse. The Dixie Chicks were very much in the better category- beautiful instrumentation, harmony, and the lead singer Natalie can seriously sing! I like that she sounds equally good belting in out or singing soft in a song like Lullaby. Plus they are fun and entertaining and I like how their music kind of pokes fun at themselves and their country origins. They came out to music that sounded a lot like "Hail to the Chief" which I thought was pretty funny! I was kind of wondering how much of a crowd a country type band would attract here in New England, but there was a huge turnout, including lots of ladies in cowboy hats! Our cell phone pictures didn't exactly turn out, so I borrowed these shots of our concert from the Boston Globe. And here is a lovely picture of me in my concert t-shirt. Thanks to my sister for a great evening- Go Chicks!!

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