Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Make Way for Us!

Recently my sister, sister-in-law, and I took my little guy and my niece to Boston to ride the Swan Boats in the Public Garden. This is one of my favorite Boston traditions for several reasons. First of all, the gardens are beautiful and the boat ride is the perfect activity for little kids. Second of all, I love the Make Way for Ducklings story! Earlier this year I actually had to stop for geese on a busy city street. Not exactly the same, but geese are close enough- I'll take it! The statues of the Mother Duck and her ducklings is one of the cutest places in town to take pictures of children. Finally, it is one of the few Boston activities that is actually cheap!
The same family has been running the Swan Boats for something like 100 years, and they are a local Boston institution. There are always baby ducklings in the spring, and this visit we saw a baby duck that was pure yellow!
So, let's hear it for Mrs. Mallard and Jack, Quack, Clack, Mack, Pack, Whack, Stack, Slack...ok now I'm making up names, I can't remember them all! Run out to the library and check out Make Way for Ducklings and you can feel just like you've been there too!

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