Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I accidentaly started this blog today. Really I just wanted to post a comment on someone else's blog- but to do so I had to make my own. So, VOILA! I am a default blogger!
I have actually been thinking of starting for a while- inspired by my good friend Big Red EP- who's blog I love, and Hillary Lang's craft blog that I am totally addicted to!
Really I am the last person who should have a blog- I'm almost completely computer illiterate. I just learned how to cut and paste last week- a real breakthrough for me! Seriously, my 13-year old son calls me a "technophobe," and he is right. You may have noticed that there is no picture of me or anything here yet, that is because I don't really get how to put one up. It's kind of embarassing. Luckily my husband can help me with these technology matters!
Anyway, I don't even know who will read this, but the main reasons I kind of want to try it are:

1. I like to write
2. I love photographs
3. I have a lot of friends and family that are far away from me
4. I am much funnier in writing than in real life! (still only mildly funny)

So, hello fellow people with lots of time on their hands, or blog-addicted, or attention-seeking, or whatever!
I named this blog Lambie-Pie because that is what I was called as a baby and small child. As a toddler I think I had a hard time saying "Elisabeth" so I called myself Lambie. The "Pie" was dropped pretty fast I think. I don't really go by that name anymore but my Auntie Dantie and her kids still call me Lamb, and maybe one or two other peope still do too. Incidentally, I love Lambs! I also love the color pink, birdhouses, the beach, baskets, reading, swimming, The Food Network, the tv show The Gilmore Girls, monograms, wire stuff, old stuff, candles, gingham and polka dots, cake stands, pajamas, magazines, trees, and cute shoes! I like to spend time doing photography, crafts like basketmaking, sewing and quilting (I am very new to these), baking, crosstich, wood painting, and collecting and fixing up old junk (so far more just the collecting, I need to get working on the actual fixing up) I'd like to be better at gardening. Giving me a plant is it's death sentence.
I'm hoping that having a little tiny audience will motivate me to do more projects, help me keep in touch with loved ones, create new friendships and be fun!
Most of all I love my family- my husband and our four hilarious, handsome boys!
Thanks for stopping by,
Elisabeth (aka Lambie-Pie)


scribbler said...

The devil and his minions are building snowmen...

You didn't mention your love of disaster-of-the-week movies. Elisabeth abhors violence in television and film--unless the body count is in the millions!

And don't sell yourself short. You are at least moderately funny in person!

The Compleat Day Tripper said...

Great start - don't forget to mention your son's video club accomplishments! You might also keep in mind that the blog is public to anyone on the web - unless you chose access to registered Bloggers only ... so probably avoid kids' names and place names, etc.

from the Day Tripper Dispatches, http://daytripperdispatches.blogspot.com

itybtyfrog said...

So nice to meet you! I am always looking for another blogging friend. Can't wait for more posts. Try downloading Picasa for pictures. It is super easy to post pictures, and it is a fun program that lets you edit photos and do fun things with them. I will check back in later.

ellen said...

Welcome to blogland! Your blog is great. I'll be checking it often (no pressure...).

big red EP

ellen said...

Welcome to blogland! Your blog is great. I'll be checking it often (no pressure...).

big red EP

purpletailgate said...

I think I'm about to become a blogger too, because I want to comment on your blog. I loved it! I look forward to getting to know you better. Huzzah for big red EP!

Weibelwood said...

The best kind of friend is the kind that motivates her peers to do something good. or great! You, Lambie, can perhaps get a introtechnovert like me to turn over a new leaf. (Extrovert and computer literate in real life, but hate to use telephones or send emails or e-photos to loved ones. Or christmas cards. Or baby announcements.)