Thursday, July 20, 2006

Houston, We Have a Teenager!

Recently, my oldest turned 13 (the top picture is from a few years ago). What that means is that I am officially old! And officially not cool (which I never really was to begin with). It is kind of weird having a big grown up kid. He is more into playing music than playing with toys. He's not really into hanging out with the fam in public, and I think when he does he finds it mildly embarassing. Instead of being an early bird like he always was before, now he is suddenly sleeping in until 10 AM. He spikes his hair up with gel every morning. Before he would be happy to go a week without ever combing his hair, and taking a shower was akin to torture. Luckily so far he is still pretty sweet and very helpful.
I am kind of shrimpy (just over 5 feet tall). My husband is very tall (about 6'4") and we have all boys. Conclusion: all my children will eventually be much bigger than me! I've known this for a long time, but it is still kind of strange now that it is actually happening.
It starts in about 4th grade. That year we usually wear the same shoe size. By the end of the year, their feet are bigger than mine. When we moved last fall, my oldest was still a couple of inches shorter than me, but now he is about 4 in taller. His feet are huge, and you should see him eat!
Right now he is at Scout Camp for a whole week. Last year was his first year to go to camp. I don't think he had ever been away from home for more than one night, and those times were rare. When I went to drop him off, he was excited and I was getting teary! I was trying to hide it and not look like a complete dork in front of all the other parents. Finally I just had to leave. As soon as I got in my car I broke down in tears. Growing up is tough- for the parents!
This year, I was a little more controlled. As he was leaving, he gave me a little stiff kind of hug/pat (a rarity these days), and joked with me, "Try not to cry Mama." I'll try big guy.
Happy Birthday my firstborn son.

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ellen said...

You don't look old enough to have a teenager!