Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Make Way for Us!

Recently my sister, sister-in-law, and I took my little guy and my niece to Boston to ride the Swan Boats in the Public Garden. This is one of my favorite Boston traditions for several reasons. First of all, the gardens are beautiful and the boat ride is the perfect activity for little kids. Second of all, I love the Make Way for Ducklings story! Earlier this year I actually had to stop for geese on a busy city street. Not exactly the same, but geese are close enough- I'll take it! The statues of the Mother Duck and her ducklings is one of the cutest places in town to take pictures of children. Finally, it is one of the few Boston activities that is actually cheap!
The same family has been running the Swan Boats for something like 100 years, and they are a local Boston institution. There are always baby ducklings in the spring, and this visit we saw a baby duck that was pure yellow!
So, let's hear it for Mrs. Mallard and Jack, Quack, Clack, Mack, Pack, Whack, Stack, Slack...ok now I'm making up names, I can't remember them all! Run out to the library and check out Make Way for Ducklings and you can feel just like you've been there too!

Monday, July 24, 2006

Friday, July 21, 2006


Recently I started learning how to sew, thanks to some very talented friends from church who have spent a lot of their time helping me. I really appreciate this! For years I've wanted to learn how and now that I am, I'm loving it! I bought a really nice machine- a Bernina. I kind of splurged on it, but I'm really glad I did. I love everything about it! It makes this soothing "shoop shoop" sound as the needle goes through the fabric. After it's been on for a while, it smells really good too! I don't know what it is, maybe the oil that you use to clean it when it heats up from the little light. I find it totally relaxing and very addictive. I am still a novice, but here is one of my first projects, a pink, cream and tan baby quilt I made for my cousin. I think I subconciously made the quilt I would make for myself if I ever had a baby girl. It's fun to have an excuse to make something pink! I am especially satisfied with this one because it was the first time I did a binding all by myself. I wasn't sure if I would be able to get it right on my own, but it seemed to work well. Even the tricky little twisty move you have to do at the end! Learning a new skill is always great for your self-confidence, and quilting has been good for mine. Here's to new hobbies!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Houston, We Have a Teenager!

Recently, my oldest turned 13 (the top picture is from a few years ago). What that means is that I am officially old! And officially not cool (which I never really was to begin with). It is kind of weird having a big grown up kid. He is more into playing music than playing with toys. He's not really into hanging out with the fam in public, and I think when he does he finds it mildly embarassing. Instead of being an early bird like he always was before, now he is suddenly sleeping in until 10 AM. He spikes his hair up with gel every morning. Before he would be happy to go a week without ever combing his hair, and taking a shower was akin to torture. Luckily so far he is still pretty sweet and very helpful.
I am kind of shrimpy (just over 5 feet tall). My husband is very tall (about 6'4") and we have all boys. Conclusion: all my children will eventually be much bigger than me! I've known this for a long time, but it is still kind of strange now that it is actually happening.
It starts in about 4th grade. That year we usually wear the same shoe size. By the end of the year, their feet are bigger than mine. When we moved last fall, my oldest was still a couple of inches shorter than me, but now he is about 4 in taller. His feet are huge, and you should see him eat!
Right now he is at Scout Camp for a whole week. Last year was his first year to go to camp. I don't think he had ever been away from home for more than one night, and those times were rare. When I went to drop him off, he was excited and I was getting teary! I was trying to hide it and not look like a complete dork in front of all the other parents. Finally I just had to leave. As soon as I got in my car I broke down in tears. Growing up is tough- for the parents!
This year, I was a little more controlled. As he was leaving, he gave me a little stiff kind of hug/pat (a rarity these days), and joked with me, "Try not to cry Mama." I'll try big guy.
Happy Birthday my firstborn son.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Hill Cumorah Pageant

Last weekend we had the great opportunity to attend the Hill Cumorah Pageant in Palmyra, NY. It is a huge live outdoor production depicting scenes from the Book of Mormon. We had such a great time! About 600 people are involved in putting on this huge show, which is performed free of charge and open to the public for seven nights every July. The pageant has been performed on that same spot since the 1930's, and they estimate that 100,000 people will attend this year.
The show was fantastic, the effects and costumes were amazing, and the message was inspiring. All four of my kids were riveted to it, and that is saying a lot! Probably because there were a lot of swords, fire, and action! It was so awesome for my kids to see Book of Mormon stories come to life. Their favorite primary song lately is Scripture Power! so I think the timing was perfect.
We camped in a beautiful spot with a pretty lazy river down the hill and a nice pool where we spent Saturday afternoon. We had a fun time shopping in the super-cute town of Palmyra with it's adorable little antiques and gift shops and old bookstores, and of course eating burgers and shakes at Ward's! The weather cooperated other than Saturday morning when it poured rain, but was perfect by Pageant time in the evening.
I think a yearly visit will become a new family tradition. Hope you are enjoying your summer adventures too.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Beat the Heat!
Eat a popsicle!

I accidentaly started this blog today. Really I just wanted to post a comment on someone else's blog- but to do so I had to make my own. So, VOILA! I am a default blogger!
I have actually been thinking of starting for a while- inspired by my good friend Big Red EP- who's blog I love, and Hillary Lang's craft blog that I am totally addicted to!
Really I am the last person who should have a blog- I'm almost completely computer illiterate. I just learned how to cut and paste last week- a real breakthrough for me! Seriously, my 13-year old son calls me a "technophobe," and he is right. You may have noticed that there is no picture of me or anything here yet, that is because I don't really get how to put one up. It's kind of embarassing. Luckily my husband can help me with these technology matters!
Anyway, I don't even know who will read this, but the main reasons I kind of want to try it are:

1. I like to write
2. I love photographs
3. I have a lot of friends and family that are far away from me
4. I am much funnier in writing than in real life! (still only mildly funny)

So, hello fellow people with lots of time on their hands, or blog-addicted, or attention-seeking, or whatever!
I named this blog Lambie-Pie because that is what I was called as a baby and small child. As a toddler I think I had a hard time saying "Elisabeth" so I called myself Lambie. The "Pie" was dropped pretty fast I think. I don't really go by that name anymore but my Auntie Dantie and her kids still call me Lamb, and maybe one or two other peope still do too. Incidentally, I love Lambs! I also love the color pink, birdhouses, the beach, baskets, reading, swimming, The Food Network, the tv show The Gilmore Girls, monograms, wire stuff, old stuff, candles, gingham and polka dots, cake stands, pajamas, magazines, trees, and cute shoes! I like to spend time doing photography, crafts like basketmaking, sewing and quilting (I am very new to these), baking, crosstich, wood painting, and collecting and fixing up old junk (so far more just the collecting, I need to get working on the actual fixing up) I'd like to be better at gardening. Giving me a plant is it's death sentence.
I'm hoping that having a little tiny audience will motivate me to do more projects, help me keep in touch with loved ones, create new friendships and be fun!
Most of all I love my family- my husband and our four hilarious, handsome boys!
Thanks for stopping by,
Elisabeth (aka Lambie-Pie)